Buy Exotic Teas Online at Best Price - Well Way Tea

Buy Exotic Teas Online at Best Price - Well Way Tea

Exotic Teas

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  1. It contains 100% natural Ingredients.
  2. Hand crafted teas made with utmost care.
  3. Three types of tea in one pack. i.e. Oolong tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea
Description :

A Joyfull assortment of good health, flavours and freshness packed in alluring wooden box. It holds six of our best tea very different from one another in flavour and qualities. Choose this gift for special occation. 

This Box Contains:

1. Rose Oolong Tea :  A light and sweet oolong tea blend that’s beautifully accented by the taste of rose petals.

2. Blue Pea Green Tea :  Originating from the exotic South East Asia, this tea has been used for centuries due to its plethora of health benefits.

3.Kahwa Spiced Green Tea : . It has a distinct taste and helps rejuvenate and heal your body. Due to the inclusion of various herbs and spices, Spice Kahwa Tea is perfect for detoxifying and healing your mind and body.

4. Lemon Ginger Green Tea A carefully crafted herbal concoction of green tea with lemon peels and ginger, this tea will soothe your mind, body, and soul.

5. Tulsi Turmeric Moringa : This tea is blend of moringa, which has various health benefits and it is blended with tulsi, turmeric and rose petals and lemongrass.

6.Ginger Lemongrass Oolong Tea : This oolong tea can be miraculous for your well-being. Lemongrass and ginger are renowned as two of the best ingredients to aid digestion and possess anti-inflammatory properties as well.

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