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Wellway Tea Store: Brewed To Perfection

Situated in India, Wellway Tea Store strives to provide only the best herbal teas. For centuries, various exotic herbs have been used to brew teas in India, and we continue this age-old tradition combining it with innovation and modern-technology. We work directly with the best growers who share our goals and values to produce herbal teas that taste like perfection. We have a diverse range of tea products that not only taste delicious but will boost your overall health as well. Reasonable price and packaged exquisitely, these luxury herbal teas from Wellway Store is a complete delight to have.

Brief History

In 1983, our company started as a one tea depot under Paresh J Mehta's visionary leadership. A year later, his brother Lokesh J Mehta joined the company, and together, the brothers helped build the company from the ground up. In 2013, Darshit Mehta, the son of Paresh, joined the company and helped with his valuable input, talent, and skill. In 2015, the Wellway brand materialized and started adding more milestones to the company. Today, the Wellway Tea Store has a vast catalog of premium herbal teas to serve your every need.

Our Vision

In the fast-paced and cosmopolitan world we live in, our health takes on a huge toll. Wellway Tea Store understands this, and we have made it our vision to offer our clients herbal teas that taste exquisite and contains a lot of goodness. In our quest for passion and perfection, we've formulated herbal teas that are unlike any other in the market. We only work with the best growers and producers, and we make absolutely no compromise on quality. To ensure that everyone has access to our excellent herbal teas, we take extra effort to ensure that the prices are as affordable as possible.

Our Mission

What makes us different from others is that we're genuinely passionate about what we do. We believe that health is wealth, and it is our mission to provide our customers with only the best all-natural herbal teas made with the purest and safest of ingredients. At Wellway Tea Store, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that our clients experience quality service and products. Your satisfaction is our mission. We want to change the way you view herbal tea, one sip at a time.

Our Approach

We take all measures to ensure that our products meet only the highest of standards. After intense examination, only the freshest and purest ingredients are selected to make our herbal teas. After that, a very meticulous process is carried out to brew the tastiest, healthiest, and purest of teas. No harmful chemicals or ingredients are used in our products. Our herbal teas will not contaminate your body anyway and will instead help fight off illnesses and diseases. We are continuously working with specialists and health professionals to maintain the highest of standards.

Our Values

Dedication To Quality : The best ingredients and the strictest procedures are followed to maintain the highest quality.

Commitment To Customer Satisfaction : Whether it's our products or customer service, it is our utmost duty to meet our clients' highest expectations.

InclusivityAnd Affordability : To our customers, we guarantee only the best prices possible. We take all measures to keep the price as low as possible so that everyone can taste our herbal teas.

Passion for innovation : To provide the best, we have a thirst for innovation. We continuously update ourselves with the latest trends and innovations in the tea industry.

Our Promise To You

At the core of our business is always a desire to serve our customers. When you shop with us, we will only deliver you our best. Our herbal teas are packed with a lot of love, and we make sure they reach you on time. In the unlikely circumstance that you face any issue, our prompt and friendly customer service is always there to help you out.