well way tea : 6 Myths Of Tea That We Need To Leave Behind in 2021
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6 Myths Of Tea That We Need To Leave Behind in 2021

6 Myths Of Tea That We Need To Leave Behind in 2021

After water, tea is the most consumed drink in the whole world. This drink isn’t just tasty but comes with numerous benefits. However, due to its immense popularity, it has also been surrounded by a lot of speculation. Hence, here are some of the most popular myths about tea and the facts you should know.

Tea Is bad For You

This is completely not true. In fact, it can be highly beneficial for your health. The properties present in tea can boost your immune system and stimulate your heart function. It is also potent with polyphenols which provides the tea with its rich taste and health benefits. Additionally, when you combine it with numerous spices and herbs, it can even help alleviate your mood and reduce stress. Drinking a warm glass of tea everyday is a fantastic way of boosting your health.

Herbal Tea Don’t Have Caffeine

This is one of the most popular myths about Herbal tea. Herbal tea is made by steeping plant barks, roots, seeds, herb or flowers in hot water. However, you must keep in mind that not all herbal teas are caffeine free. Some popular herbal tea that contains caffeine include yerba mate tea and guarana tea so make sure that you read the label before you purchase your herbal teas.

Black Tea Isn’t As Healthy As Green Tea

Even though green tea is much more popular than black tea, there isn’t much of a difference when it comes to benefits. Both contain powerful anti-oxidants. The tea leaves become black or green after the process of oxidation and fermentation. During this process, the anti-oxidants present in Green tea are transformed into theaflavins which is present in black tea.

Tea Is More Beneficial When We Don’t Add Anything

This isn’t true. In fact, when we add lemon juice or other type of citric acid to tea, it can aid in preserving the flavonoids in tea resulting in better benefits. The health benefits of tea are derived from flavonoids. You can even combine other ingredients like honey or ginger for additional effects.

Milk Can Neutralize The Health Benefits Of Tea

This is a very common myth and is a complete misbelief. Mixing milk with tea will not eliminate its health benefits but it might improve the taste for some people. Milk is also potent with calcium which is amazing for healthy bones. Research shows that the whether you add milk or not, the amount of catechins absorbed from tea remains unchanged.

Loose Tea And Tea bags Are The Same

Even though its much easier to prepare tea with tea bags, loose tea is more beneficial. The leaves present in tea bags are fanning’s and dust from broken tea leaves. As a result, they have fewer aroma and essential oils in comparison to loose tea. For health benefits, its always better to go for loose tea.


Tea has a lot of benefits and if you drink it in moderation, it won’t cause you any problems. Incorporate a warm and tasty cup of tea into your daily regime and you would love its benefits. However, make sure that your tea is of high quality