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The Indian Tea Story - Well Way Tea

The Indian Tea Story - Well Way Tea

In India, no other beverage stirs as much emotion as the beloved 'tea' popularly known as 'chai.' From serving as a beverage to beat the chilly winter or to welcome guests, tea is undoubtedly the most popular beverage in India after water. As loved as it is, it also boasts a mesmerizing and colorful history in India. From the British's discovery of tea in India to the establishment of the thriving tea industry in modern-day India, here is everything you need to know about the story of tea in India.

How Did Tea Travel To India?

Generally, it is believed those centuries ago, tea was transported to India by the Silk Caravans that traveled all the way from China to Europe. Native Indians sometimes used tea leaves in their diet, but it was utilized for its medicinal properties for the most part.  Tea was used for various purposes, such as making soup, vegetable dishes, and cooking before it eventually got transformed into 'chai.'

The British Legacy

The British were the first ones who formally introduced tea to the Indians. After discovering that Indian soil was fertile for tea, the British decided to cultivate it in India to overthrow the Chinese monopoly over tea production. The Assam valley and the Darjeeling mountains were chosen as the early sites for planting tea seeds. Over the next 14 years, after many unsuccessful attempts, India started to produce tea that was just as good as the tea made in China or better. Eventually, India became the second-largest tea exporter-only behind China.

The Indian Tea Industry Today

Even after the British left, the tea industry in India continued to evolve and eventually became the juggernaut it is today.  There are more than 40,000 tea gardens across Assam, more than 60,000 in the Nilgiris, and about 85 in Darjeeling. In 2019 alone, India produced more than 1000 million kgs, making it the second-largest producer globally. In April of 2021, India’s estimated tea production was 73.44 million kgs.

With India’s diversity, tea drinking has also transformed in various ways. In India, chai is made with different ingredients in different regions. From masala to ayurvedic tea, chai intimately reflects the diversity of India. From humble chai tea shops to huge conglomerates selling the finest of Indian tea, Tea has captured the hearts and minds of Indians.

How Do We Make Our Tea?

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