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The Best Tea According To Your Astrological Sign

The Best Tea According To Your Astrological Sign

Everyone loves a warm cup of tea. They are not just good for your taste buds but come packed with a lot of good for your health. Different types of tea work differently for different people. Knowing the right tea for you can help you get the maximum benefits from your tea. But did you know you can find out the right tea for you depending on your astrological sign? It’s a fun and exciting process and can also be very insightful. Here’s which tea works best depending on your astrological sign.


Aries-Ayurvedic Chai

People born under the Aries sign are known to be bold, daring, and fearless. Their personality traits match perfectly with the spicy taste and flavor of ayurvedic chai. This ayurvedic chai blends the best of ayurvedic herbs offering an exquisite taste and aroma that Aries’s would love to taste.


Pisces-Immunity Booster Tea

Pisces folks are known as healers and they go out of their way to help those in need. However, it can be challenging for Pisces to stay strong during challenging times. The immunity Booster Tea is a perfect combination for Pisces people. It's a unique blend of wonderful herbs to boost the immune system.


Aquarius-Herbal Delight Tea

If you’re an Aquarius, you’re most likely delicate, caring and kind. For Aquarius, the herbal delight tea is a must-have with its 100% natural ingredients and distinct taste.


Capricorn-Earl Grey

Capricorns would love our Earl Grey Tea. Capricorns are known to have an unmatched zest for life and the caffeine in our Earl Grey Tea will make sure they are up for any task.

Sagittarius- Hibiscus Mint Tea

Our Hibiscus Mint Tea is the perfect choice for Sagittarius. The minty flavor is a perfect complement for the adventurous Sagittarius and the whole leaf green tea will keep ailments and diseases at bay.


Scorpio-Rose Oolong Tea

Scorpios are known to be very passionate and that's why the Rose Oolong Tea from Well Way Tea is the perfect tea for people born under this sign. You’re sure to love the sweet taste and aroma of this tea.


Libra: Lemon Ginger Green Tea


Libras are extroverted and love to be around people. If you’re a Libra, you can’t find a better tea than the Lemon Ginger Green Tea. With a citrusy flavor and plenty of antioxidants, it’ll keep Libras active throughout the whole day.


Virgo: Chamomile and Lemongrass


Virgos are known to be super smart yet they have so much mental power that they can often feel tensed and stressed out. That's why the calming effect of our Chamomile and Lemongrass is perfect for Virgos.


Leo: Butterfly Blue Tea 


Leos are lively and they like to have fun but they may need to cool down every now and then. The distinct taste and calming properties of Butterfly Blue Tea make it a perfect choice for Leos. The unique and blue color of our Butterfly Blue Tea is also a sure hit among Leos.

Cancer: Tulsi Turmeric Moringa


Cancers are known to love their family and friends more than they love themselves. This can, at times, cause Cancers to neglect themselves. The healing properties and wonderful taste of Tulsi Turmeric Moringa Tea are ideal for Leos.


Gemini: Slim Tea


Geminis are extroverted, active, and love the outdoors and fitness. Well, Way Tea Slim Tea is perfect to help Geminis achieve their fitness goals faster. This tea will also boost the immune system and protect Gemini's body from illnesses so that they can enjoy their lives to the fullest.


Taurus: Spiced Kahwa Green Tea


Taurus natives are known to be helpful and they thrive by helping others but at times, they can feel a bit bogged down. That's why the spicy Spiced Kahwa Green Tea is perfect to reenergize them with its robust taste and flavor.




Tea is tasty and beneficial. When you find the right tea, the effects are boosted and you’ll enjoy having your cup of tea even more. You can find the right tea for yourself based on your astrological sign. You can use the above guide to do just that.